From an Associate Engineer, R&D, Medical Imaging Equipment:
As a user of custom and standard products, our experience with the service from Midlantic Enterprises, Inc has been excellent. When researching products to use in our Patient Handling System, we relied on Midlantic's reputation of service and quality. We have not been disappointed. Technical assistance has been courteous and expedient. Call backs are always made within hours. Finally, Midlantic Enterprises, Inc handles our account with speed, courtesy and efficiency. When we successfully introduced the first of our Scanners, we trusted Midlantic Enterprises, Inc. That relationship continues today.

From a Supply Chain Manager, Automated Drug Delivery Robots:
I have found Midlantic Enterprises, Inc to be a wonderful resource for my supply chain options and vendor performance. Over the last 4 years Midlantic Enterprises, Inc has been in our top 3 vendors for on time delivery and quality. Their customer focus putting the customer needs first approach really makes the difference for me and my company. Although they are not Steelers fans, I look forward to doing business with them for a lone time.

From an Engineering Manager, Motion Control systems
Midlantic Enterprises Inc. has provided us with some of the quickest turn around times we’ve seen in the industry for our retractor assemblies. They have a strong engineering and sales team that has consistently delivered prototype assemblies in the time frame our customers demand. We will continue to look forward to their support for our retractor and retractor assembly requirements.

From a Service Manager, Car Wash Equipment:
As a supplier and installer of car wash equipment, we saw a need to improve some components of the car wash equipment, as we receive it from the manufacturer. The representatives took the time to meet with us to discuss our goals and objectives. Once they understood our needs, they used their expertise to engineer a system that works for us. Through careful planning and attention to detail, they got it right the first time. No additional changes have been necessary. Our product issues have been greatly reduced. I would recommend Midlantic Enterprises, Inc to anyone who has similar needs.

From the Sales Manager, Machine Tool Manufacturer:
Midlantic has one of the best records of all my vendors, for accurate shipments, quick and clear communication, and accommodating unique requests. Their inside and outside reps all know their product lines, and work very well with us. I can only wish that most of my vendors were as helpful and proficient as these folks. Dealing with them is easy.

From a Chief Engineer, Fluid Power Cylinder Manufacturer:
Midlantic has always provided me with fast, professional and courteous service. They really came through for me especially in obtaining required documents and samples when I was developing a new product. Midlantic Enterprises Inc. always goes the extra mile.

From a Purchasing Manager, Packaging Equipment Manufacturer:
I have found Midlantic Enterprises Inc. to be very proactive, responsive and professional in my 8 years working with them. They have added value to my projects with solid ideas and suggestions that sometimes don’t directly benefit them, putting my needs before theirs.

From a Chief Design Engineer, Military and Postal Equipment:
Midlantic Enterprises, Inc will continue to be a valuable source for information, material and suggestions going forward with new projects. I have worked with them on numerous applications over the last decade and have always found them to be straight forward, honest and interested in our Company's needs.

From a Materials Manager, Automotive Aftermarket Parts Manufacturer:
I highly recommend Midlantic Enterprises, Inc to anyone looking for a standup group that keeps on trying even when the light appears dim. It took 5 years of continuous contact and follow up from Midlantic to help us to finally development an alternative part which saved our Company in excess of $50,000 per year. Had it not been for Midlantic's regular and constant follow up this project and the associated savings would have been long lost to my Company.


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